About StopIsolation

The StopIsolation website is intended to:

  • Promote international recognition that long-term solitary confinement and other forms of enforced long-term isolation of prisoners are cruel and inhuman and are forms of torture;
  • Encourage countries to prohibit long-term solitary confinement and enforced isolation;
  • Encourage countries to prohibit the transfer of prisoners to places where they would be at risk of such treatment;
  • Encourage people to collaborate internationally to achieve these ends.

StopIsolation is an independent initiative by members of Scotland Against Criminalising Communities who learned of the prevalence and severity of isolation in prisons around the world while campaigning to support people facing extradition from Britain to the US on "terrorism" charges.

The StopIsolation website is dedicated to every prisoner held in isolation or at risk of being held in isolation.